RF EMS Multi-functional Facial Rejuvenator

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Model No.: IF-1608

The Multi-functional RF Beauty Instrument is a comprehensive homeuse beauty machine that can deeply cleanse, activate and rejuvenate skin, tighten facial contour, and calm skin. It integrates positive ions, negative ions, ice compress, EMS, micro vibration, red, yellow, blue light and RF technology. It is used with products such as cream or essence to achieve scientific and efficient skincare effect.

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1. Radio Frequency works on the dermis and promotes subcutaneous collagen contraction tension, which effectively promotes collagen regeneration and helps reduce wrinkles.
2. EMS activates skin cell and stimulates collagen regeneration, makes stronger muscles and more elastic skin.
3. Red, yellow and blue LED light therapy
4. Cold compress balances oil skin and improves enlarged pores.
5. Galvanic facial deep cleansing and penetrating

① Working intensity 5 levels adjustable
② 3 min intelligent timer for each mode
③ Big LCD screen shows functions clearly, easy to use
④ Two keys design, easy to operate

Five Working Modes
① RF + ionic cleansing + vibration
② RF + ionic introducing + vibration
④ RF+ LED light(red, yellow, blue)
⑤ Cold massage + Blue light


Power supply: USB charging
Type of Battery: Rechargeable Li-ion 1150mAh
Charging time: 3 hours
Input:  DC5V/1A
Material: ABS + Stainless steel + magnet
Size: 176*50*48mm
Weight: 205g
Package: Gift box with blister tray
Package Includes:1*Main Machine, 1*USB Cable, 1*Manual

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