Sonic Facial Cleansing Brush

Short Description:

Model: IF-1002

High-frequency micro-vibration technology with special soft silicone brush head and long bristles, it can unclog pores, removing up to 99.5% of oil, dirt, makeup and dead skin. Meanwhile, it can massage whole face area and promote blood circulation, and futher help skincare products better absoroption.

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  1. Three cleansing sections for different face area
  2. Five cleansing intensity adjustable
  3. Automatic memory design
  4. Whole body genuine IPX7 waterproof
  5. Long standby time, about 2 months
  6. Highly portable, perfect for traveling use


  1. Power supply: USB charging
  2. Type of Battery: Li-ion 250mAh
  3. Charging time: 3 hours
  4. Input: DC5V/ 0.5A
  5. Material: silicone, ABS
  6. Size: 82*77*36mm
  7. Weight: 70g
  8. Package: color box with blister tray
  9. Package Includes: 1*Main Machine, 1*USB Cable, 1*Manual

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